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window & upvc cleaning

With Window & uPVC Cleaning we offer a full range of options to suit your specific needs from one off cleans and regular maintenance cleans to detailing deep cleans and uPVC restoration.

  • Traditional Window Cleaning

  • One off cleans

  • 4, 6 or 8 week regular cleans

  • uPVC Porch, Doors & Frames

  • Window Sills & Frames restored

  • Full External Conservatory cleans

(Includes conservatory gutters cleared at no extra cost)

  • uPVC Stain removal & restoration

  • Hard water stain removal

Did you know?

Hard water is formed when water filters through deposits of limestonechalk or calcium sulphate. Hard water stains appear as a chalky white residue on windows or dark dry water streaks on uPVC. This results from a build up of excess minerals which are left behind after the water evaporates. If hard water minerals are left for long periods of time, they can become increasingly difficult to remove.

Book a Free Quote

Contact us to arrange your FREE quotation appointment.

  • One-off / First clean - Minimum charge applies £40.00

  • ​Regular clean - Minimum charge applies £20.00

  • One-off / First clean including sills & frames - Minimum charge applies £70.00

  • ​Regular clean including sills & frames - Minimum charge applies £35.00

  • Full External Conservatory clean - Minimum charge applies £120.00

  • Free no obligation quote

  • Price based per window

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