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pressure washing

We offer a full comprehensive pressure washing service of all surface types to domestic and commercial customers, restoring and bringing your surface back to life.

  • Block Paving

  • Natural Stone

  • Patio Paving

  • Tarmac

  • Asphalt

  • Resin-Bound

  • Stone Walls

  • Brick Walls

  • Copings

  • Garden Furniture 

  • Fencing

Did you know?

Cleaning your block paving can pull out a lot of the existing sand. After the cleaning process, kiln-dried sand is then brushed back into the gaps once the area has completely dried to help prevent the blocks from moving or becoming loose over time. This is why we include re-sanding with every block paving clean.


Algae thrives from wet shaded areas and favors our british weather. Our equipment gives us the ability to eliminate surface algae and discoloration before it becomes a problem.

  • Moss

  • Mildew

  • Lichen

  • Black Spots

  • Weeds

We offer a surface chemical treatment to help kill off algae during the cleaning process or a biocidal treatment once the cleaning process is done for longer lasting effects.

Did you know?

Lichen and Black Spots are two of the same organisms, which in fact are living fungus that grow from minute porous holes and feed from the moisture soaked into the surface.

Book a Free Quote

Contact us to arrange your quotation appointment.

Once at the property we will do a full assessment of any areas you wish to be cleaned. If any areas require a chemical treatment, we're more than happy to advise where necessary and guide you through the full process step by step, making it as stress free as possible. If you have any individual requirements for the job then please feel free to let us know on the quotation appointment and we will look at tailoring that in for you.

We will need access to an outdoor tap or water supply.

  • Minimum charge applies £120.00

  • Free measurement & quote

  • Price based per m²

  • All prices include Re-sanding

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