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chemical soft washing

We offer chemical soft washing as a much more gentle approach to cleaning, especially on more delicate surfaces. Although soft washing a surface doesn't have the same impact as pressure washing does, pressure washing will remove the surface dirt and algae instantly, leaving the surface nice and clean but also has the potential to cause damage to more delicate surfaces. This is why soft washing has a different impact, as the chemical is applied and worked into the surface by scrubbing with a stiff brush allowing the chemical to attack the algae slowly and finally rinsing off with low pressure.

  • Garden Furniture & Ornaments

  • Fractured Brick & Mortar

  • Delicate Natural Stone

  • Driveways

  • Patios

Did you know?

There are two ways of chemically treating your surface, Sodium Hypochlorite which is a faster acting chemical that requires a dwell time of between 25-30 minutes to kill off the surface algae and fungus showing instant results. Biocide is a slower acting chemical and is safe to leave on the treated surface which takes longer to kill off algae and fungus but has longer lasting results.

Book a Free Quote

Contact us to arrange your FREE quotation appointment.

Once at the property we will do a full assessment of the areas you wish to be treated. We will also assess the area for any plants, animals, pets & livestock within the vicinity and walk you through step by step the full process, making it as stress free as possible. If you have any individual requirements for the job then please let us know on the quotation appointment and we will look at tailoring that in for you.

We will need access to an outdoor tap or water supply.

  • Minimum charge applies £140.00

  • Free measurement & quote

  • Price based on surface per m²

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